「Japanese first-step lesson course」 will be started for foreigners living in Japan.

We are starting 「Japanese first-step lesson course」 for foreigners who just come to live in Japan, can not speak Japanese well even after living in Japan for a while, and also who can not understand and read Chinese characters(kanji).
This course is quite helpful to learn two kinds of kana script used for Japanese syllabary (hiragana & katakana) and Chinese characters(kanji) necessary for living in Japan.
We are preparing many useful lessons of conversations used in companies, families, schools, districts and so on, in order for everyone to enjoy communication in Japanese.

Course Outline

Course Japanese first-step course
Date starting from March,5,2019
Day of Week every Tuesday and Thursday (10 times)
Time from 10:00 am to 11:45am (15 minutes break time)
Place Fukaya International Foreign Languages Academy
Address 17-16,1-chome inari-chou fukaya-city, saitama-pref.
Capacity up to 10 persons (minimum 3 persons)
Fee Yen 20,000 (comsumption tax additional)
Subject person for learning Japanese for the first time
Teaching Material “Marugoto Starter A1” etc.
Application 1.Period
from February,1,2019.
2.Way of application
via email (address;info@fukayakgg.academy) or fax (048-570-2711)
Inquiry Fukaya International Foreign Languages Academy
Address 〒366-0026
17-16, 1-chome, inari-cho, fukaya-city, saitama pref.
TEL:048-570-2700 / FAX:048-570-2711

Lecture cancel

Circumstances by teachers

Supplementary lecture will be prepared in case lectures cancelled in certain circumstances.
Announcement for cancel or supplementary lectures will be made by teachers during lessons.
Sudden cancellation will be announced properly via e-mail or fax in advance.

Natural disaster or accident by transport

In case natural disaster or accident by transport, lessons would not be. In such cases, announcement will be made by e-mail or fax, and supplementary lectures will be prepared.

お問い合わせ Contact



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